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  • Oil & Gas Waste Treatment and Recycling Facility Permitting – South Texas:  Innovative facility treating and recycling fluids and solids from oil and gas exploration and production activities; technical and financial feasibility study, process development and design, regulatory permitting, pre-construction environmental site assessment, operations planning, project controls

  • Oil & Gas Field-wide Liability Reduction – Northeast Texas:  Oilfield abandonment and remediation program liability reduction associated with an active 85-year old oilfield covering over 30 square miles; environmental inventory and hazard risk ranking to identify liabilities, cost and technical feasibility, environmental site assessment and remediation, negotiation with regulatory agencies and other stakeholders, program management

  • Environmental Due Diligence for Acquisitions of Over 25,000 Oil & Gas Assets – Contiguous U.S.

  • Assessment & Remediation of Oil & Gas Production Facilities – Wyoming:  Soil and groundwater investigation using electromagnetic induction survey and direct push drilling techniques; recovery of phase-separated hydrocarbons from groundwater; on-site bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in source soil areas

  • SPCC Plans for Oil & Gas Production Facilities – Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, and Rocky Mountain Regions, USA

  • Biogeochemical & Hydrogeological Study of Wetland Soils, USDA-NRCS – U.S. Gulf Coast Region

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